10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Domino Migration Project

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In-depth look at Domino application data analytics



Truly identify the best target platform for your applications


Project Managers

Empower you to create a bullet-proof transition plan

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Space Requirements

Leverage data analytics to plan the disc Space Requirements for your target repository

Forms and View

Identify the production Forms and Views that will need to be redeveloped
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Migration Mapping

Catalog all File Attachments for Migration Mapping to a new document management system

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In 2021, businesses want certainty. Companies and IT teams must make tough decisions with the utmost confidence to keep IT operations and system performance budget-friendly, resilient, and secure.

Is your Domino app modernization or migration project struggling to keep up with these sorts of demands? Let us show you our unique approach to making sure you have the information required to succeed.

You will learn how to use iDNA’s rich collection of ready-to-use charts, dashboards, and reports to their utmost potential right from the get-go. You no longer have to wait a year, or quarter, no, not even a month to access highly valuable information. Based on 10 real-world examples, we will show you that after only three days, you will already see a massive return on your investment.


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