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+ NEW! Document Properties v12.0.12 Release +​

01. Absolutely free


Both editions, Regular and Pro, are free for you to use.

No limits, no fees.

02. Easy to use

Easy to

Integrates fully into Notes and is highly intuitive to use.

Start with a click and never stop.

03. Quickly to deploy

Quickly to

Installs in seconds. Organization-wide deployment is a snap.

No doh’s. It just works.

04. Notes v9+

Compatible with
Notes v9+

Windows & macOS. Regular edition comes pre-installed with HCL Notes 12.0.1.

Runs really everywhere.

Download and Go

Seconds to install, minutes to learn, a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Discover the Possibilities

Go Big and Beautiful

The future is here. Resizable dialog with extra room for field values, and all the details available at a glance. You can even keep open dialogs for multiple documents at the same time. You'll never want to go back.

Search, Sort, and Export

Find what you are looking for, easier than ever. Full-text search over all fields in a document, with the results being filtered in real-time. Sortable fields table with name, type, size, and value. Export any number of fields to CSV. Full transparency, at your fingertips.

Compare and Contrast

Easily see the differences between two documents, down to field level. What is the same? Where do fields have different values? Where are fields are missing entirely? Search and sort, or even edit (PRO edition only) directly from the comparison!

Profiles: No Longer Hidden

See all profiles for all users. Every field, right there for you to see. Find that pesky broken setting, and even change it (PRO Edition only)! Delete profiles that are causing problems and get everyone back to work quickly.

Modify Fields

Add, change, and delete fields right from your client. Any type, single- or multi-value. No more fiddling around with toolbar buttons, agents or weird formulas. Stay right in the moment and don't lose your place.

Exclusively available in the PRO Edition.

Copy & Paste Fields

Easy as pie. Select any number of fields in one document, copy them, then paste them to the target documents of your choice. No manual fumbling around, no typos.

Exclusively available in the PRO Edition.

Which Document Properties edition is right for you?


Ease of use like you have never seen before.

  • Resizable dialog
  • Detailed field information
  • Searching and sorting
  • Document compare
  • View profile documents
  • Optional: Delete profile documents


The regular edition comes pre-installed with HCL Notes 12.0.1 and higher.
Available for free, compatible with Notes 9+.


For the power user. Goes one step further with edit capabilities.

Get ALL the features of the Regular edition, plus:

  • Create, edit, and delete fields
  • Any type, single- or multi-value
  • Copy & Paste fields between documents

Available for free download, compatible with Notes 9+.

Why PRO?

Why PRO?

Editing any field usually is the ultimate dream of every power-user BUT is too dangerous for normal end-users since they could circumvent workflows. That's why HCL chose to include the Regular edition within Notes 12.0.1.

Having two editions gives you options. Choose the Regular edition for all end-users so the helpdesk team can more easily support them, and the PRO edition for power-users who exactly know what they're doing - just like you!

Upgrading to Pro Edition

Upgrading to Pro Edition

You are already running the Regular edition and want to upgrade to Pro? Just download and install the Pro edition and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. A previous uninstallation of the Regular edition is recommended, but not mandatory.

See How it Works

Tutorials, guides and best practices to help you get the most out of your new Document Properties dialogue faster.

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What’s New in the 12.0.12 Release​


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