Speed Matters: Accelerate Your Domino App Transformation

A Team Technology & panagenda live webinar

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In-depth look at Domino application data analytics


Modernization & Migration Engineers

Successfully set up and drive your project


Project Managers

Empower you to create a bullet-proof transition plan

What will you learn?


Space Requirements

Leverage data analytics to plan the disc Space Requirements for your target repository

Forms and View

Identify the production Forms and Views that will need to be redeveloped
panagenda Webinar

Migration Mapping

Catalog all File Attachments for Migration Mapping to a new document management system

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Imagine you could complete modernizing single Domino apps as quickly, easily and effectively as a Star Trek replicator prepares food. You like that idea? So do we!

This is the main reason why Team Technology GmbH and panagenda have joined forces to not only accelerate modernization projects, but also to ultimately deliver ready-to-use, modernized apps in the shortest time possible. That's right - no project plans, slide decks or dashboards, but ready-to-use, hi-tech apps.

In this hands-on webinar, Alex Romppel, Thilo Volprich and Franz Walder will provide insights from firsthand experience and walk you through every step of their proven Analyze > Deploy> Test > Optimize approach.

Discover how unique, in-depth analytics can help quickly identify optimization areas in your HCL Notes/Domino application ecosystems, accurately estimate project scope, reduce unnecessary operating costs as well as capital spending, and really achieve your goals faster with this dual product solution.

Things you will learn:

  • Understand the perfect synergy between Team Technology and panagenda
  • Why accurate modernization and migration estimates are key to success
  • Shape a best-of-breed strategy for cost-efficient, user-friendly, and flexible IT modernization
  • Tried-and-true best practices to operate your infrastructure optimally while keeping your teams engaged

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