Simplify Global Meeting Scheduling

Choose the best option for everyone, automatically adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (DST)

TimeZone Helper for HCL Notes


Planning an online chat, conference call or video conference with participants around the world can be difficult, especially when you need to find a time in the day when everyone is in their business hours!

Twice a year this becomes even more challenging when Europe switches to/from daylight saving time before the US.

With the TimeZone Helper plugin you can easily check and track the local time of your contacts around the world with a single click in HCL Notes.

It really is that simple. Select one or more locations, specify a date, and the results will display the actual time of each location, automatically adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (DST), so you can quickly find a time that works for everyone. Frequently used locations can be easily saved as favorites to simplify any further planning.

Scheduling international meetings, phone calls and even business trips has never been so reliable with HCL Notes.

Get the TimeZone Helper plugin today! It's free forever, compatible with HCL Notes v9 and higher, installs in seconds, and trusted by many organizations all over the world.

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