Optimized Digital Experience Monitoring & Troubleshooting

2022 UPDATE   


Improving Productivity for Remote Workers

As more organizations settle into the Microsoft 365® (M365) cloud and begin to rely on Teams for all their calls and meetings, they are finding that the administration overhead required to monitor the digital experience for their employees, and troubleshoot call quality issues, is much more than they bargained for. The promised land of cloud services with excellent performance is possible, but it takes some work to identify those users who need device upgrades or network enhancements. From our engagements with enterprise organizations around the world we have found that 24% of employees experience call quality issues every week, and it is rarely Microsoft’s fault.

Inside this white paper, we offer IT leaders some valuable tactics to spotlight Teams call quality issues, troubleshoot performance problems, and proactively identify endpoints requiring updates. These will help any organization sustain an excellent digital experience for their employees that are now relying on Microsoft Teams as their standard platform to communicate and collaborate.

It is intended for organizations that have already made the move to Microsoft 365, or are currently planning their migration, and want to know how they can proactively monitor and troubleshoot Teams call quality issues quickly.


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