Common Issues with Microsoft Teams Performance​

Pulse Survey Report​ 2022​
Survey Findings: Microsoft Teams Performance Issues

We surveyed over 100 companies to find out if they were having performance issues with Microsoft Teams. We contacted CIOs, IT Directors, and their front-line Administrators. This report provides a complete overview of our findings. You WILL find this interesting!

The impacts of the “Work from Anywhere” culture are stressing IT support desks and the repercussions are being felt across all departments at enterprise organizations worldwide.

Our results show that Microsoft Teams adoption is widespread and growing, but organizations are facing several support challenges due to legacy hardware issues and blind spots with the network performance of remote workers.

Download the full pulse survey report and learn how other organizations are improving their employees’ digital experience.

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Microsoft Teams Adoption Digital Experience Problems IT Support Challenges
  • Teams voice usage is increasing
  • Microsoft Teams performance complaints
  • Endpoint device hardware impact
  • Network performance impact
  • Resolution time for Call Quality issues
  • IT support groups involved in remediation
  • Costs per trouble ticket evaluation

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