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We live in pretty extraordinary times. With the current frenzy of wanting to work distributedly in order to cope with today's uncertain times, we are all starting to experience performance issues with Microsoft Teams. So how can we best accommodate that surge of traffic?

We have been working hard on building the next major release of OfficeExpert to exactly address that! Two new capabilities will help you understand better not only how well-performing Teams is, but also find your experts in a timely manner.

We all know our knowledge (Web) workers are our unique competitive advantage. But do you know what skills, experience and expertise they actually have while they use MS Teams? Our new capability Skills Management would help you surface all of that!

But let's get back to these extraordinary times... How do you get to effectively evaluate and assess the rampant growth and the overall user experience you are seeing of MS Teams over the last few weeks?

Join Stefan Fried and Luis Suarez to learn plenty more about how we have built a solution without the need of utilizing the Teams Bot Framework (which would have required to run an Azure-hosted Teams Bot). In recent months we have done tons of work to make your life easier in terms of analyzing the end-user experience for MS Teams in a smarter and more sophisticated way, so you can demonstrate the true value of (distributed) team collaboration to your business.

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