Digital Experience Monitoring
& Troubleshooting

  Revised & Updated
2023 Edition 


Digital Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Microsoft Teams Call Quality

Great digital experiences are business-critical for enterprises today. The Microsoft 365 cloud is well-established, and companies rely on Microsoft Teams for all their calls and meetings.

But there is a lot involved when it comes to monitoring the digital experience for employees, and troubleshooting call quality issues. Especially when 24% of employees experience call quality issues every week, and it is rarely Microsoft’s fault.

This whitepaper presents a solution.

Learn from several case studies how Microsoft Teams issues impact business performance and how panagenda's TrueDEM technology can identify the root causes of Microsoft Teams performance issues end-to-end, in the network, in the cloud, and on user endpoints, helping to fix them significantly faster.

Get to know how to provide and sustain an excellent digital experience for employees relying on Microsoft Teams as a standard platform to communicate and collaborate.

If you made the move to Microsoft 365, or are currently planning your migration, and want to know how you can proactively monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams call quality issues quickly, this white paper is for you.


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