Advanced Collaboration Analytics in O365

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Cross-workload usage patterns in Office 365

Do you want to know the truth about what’s really going on in your Office 365 environment? Only through comprehensive usage and performance data analytics will you be able to see the complete picture of your digital transformation across the entire organization. You can view adoption trends, understand your employee access methods by device, and uncover intelligent insights about how the different Office 365 tools are being utilized between each department and with external business partners.

In this webinar, we'll cover use cases such as:

  • Monitoring adoption trends during the transition from Skype for Business to TEAMS
  • Contrasting internal E-Mail usage with increasing Teams activities
  • Tracking new employee collaboration advancement over time
  • Identifying early adopters and departments reluctant to change
  • And more.

 Join us to see how you can expose the truth about your digital transformation with Office 365


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