Monitoring User End-Point Performance for Call Quality Analytics and Troubleshooting

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Bad call quality during Microsoft Teams meetings usually results in employee escalations to the IT group for investigation. Without the detailed data to perform forensic analysis on the issue, the investigation usually goes nowhere. As enterprise organizations steadily adopt Teams as their main solution hub for conference calls and meetings, they will need access to more in-depth metrics to identify and troubleshoot video and voice call quality issues.

New capabilities inside OfficeExpert gather end-point performance data from each user computer. This information helps IT groups view call quality metrics to identify problems and gain insights to help prioritize troubleshooting and investigate system anomalies. The metrics help spotlight issues including old headsets, network infrastructure bottlenecks, and slow Internet Service Providers (ISP’s); all of which cause user experience nightmares.

In this webinar, you will receive an introduction to Teams call quality analytics leveraging accurate end-point performance data. If you want to know the truth about your Teams call quality experience, then please join us to see how proactive troubleshooting can work to remediate issues before they become nightmares.  

During the webinar demonstration you will explore topics that include: 

  • Tracking end-point call quality performance by device (BlueTooth Headset, PC Audio, Surface Hub, Mobile Device, etc.)
  • Detailed analytics for end-point locations (Home Users, Office Users, Mobile Phones, etc.)
  • Real-world troubleshooting for call quality issue resolutions
  • And more… 

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1pm (EDT) or 3:30pm (CET)
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