Unboxing HCL Notes/Domino v12 - Harder Better Faster Stronger?

Marvels, hiccups & first impressions in this interactive 60-minute webinar workshop

Who should join?


Notes Admins


Software Deployment Specialists

What will you learn?

Automating the initial Notes client installs seamlessly

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Few things in life are as exciting as getting a new piece of technology to play with, wouldn't you agree? Taking it apart, inspecting the pieces, learning how it all works... and hopefully putting it back together again!

Our favorite new toy is HCL Notes v12, and we'll be putting it through its paces - so you don't have to. Come and join the fun in this interactive session with seasoned experts. 

Look over their shoulders and share your own knowledge and experiences live as we put this brand-new release under the microscope:

  • What's new?
    First hands-on experience: See all the new features in action.
  • Does it work in the real world?
    Check all your boxes: How are performance and stability of Notes v12? What are known issues? How does it react to real, practical use cases?
  • Should you upgrade?
    What you need to consider as you approach upgrading to v12
  • The beta phase: An insider's look
    How did it go? What changed throughout the beta? What didn't? How was feedback received and applied?

Be ahead of the curve and join HCL Ambassadors Chris Adler & Marc Thomas in this open-mic style meeting taking place directly after the release. 

Please note, as this session will be held as a meeting, names will not be obfuscated. You will be muted upon entry but can request to speak throughout the session.

Workshop slides

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